About us

Cheetah Geeks Agency is quickly earning a name as a premiere multi media company in the entertainment industry. Taking a dualistic approach to managing client needs, we offer an array of services that help artists accomplish their creative goals, while also building and maintaining a strong, recognizable brand.

In addition to our illustrious video productions & photo shoots we have also cultivated a roster of emerging talent, we aim at working with Los Angeles, Atlanta, Texas, Sacramento, Bay Area artists. Our dedicated staff, made up of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, provides expertise in creating solutions for a range of entertainment and consumer visual needs. The team's tried and true approach begins with a full assessment of a client's current brand personality and reach. From there, a dynamic strategy is formulated and put in place to help clients achieve both short-term results and sustainable long-term growth visually.

As a collaborative partner, we utilize our unique perspective, industry experience, and strategic knowledge to exceed our clients' expectations, provide an exceptional return on their investment, and ensure that they are able to overcome current and future business challenges. In the dynamic landscape of the media interaction is made up of parts to an artist's continuous relevance and success. At Mack Laboratory, we recognize this fact and work vigorously to foster effective and innovative relationships between performer and audience. We have established ourselves as a forward thinking collective that expertly uses brand integration and new media to broaden the reach of our clients. With an unwavering media production commitment to excellence, we strive to be recognized as the elite visual arts company operating today